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8f2520c... by Anton Gladky on 2012-02-27


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b1a7ce6... by Václav Šmilauer on 2010-11-07

1. Fix examples, delete a few other ones
2. Fix a bug in post2d

7887003... by Václav Šmilauer on 2010-11-06

1. Make clumps subclass of Shape (instead of Body)
2. Favicon in the batch web interface
3. Fix for clang compilation

cb9c269... by Václav Šmilauer on 2010-11-05

1. Add HdapsGravityEngine which reads acceleration from real accelerometer in thinkpads (toy engine)
2. Fix bug in qt4 interface where multi-number entries (Vector3r etc) might have some values zeroed due to wrong order of initial update and signal connects.

2937174... by Bruno Chareyre on 2010-11-03

- TW : really check if body geometry is sphere in the insertion loop (instead of isDynamic).
- FE : use the faster insert(begin,end) from TW for triangulation, and move area/volume definition to addBoundary().

5cd004d... by Bruno Chareyre on 2010-11-03

- Remove scene pointer from TW function parameters
- sphere-cylinder Ig2 functor (some old uncommited code - still bugged)

1e74a0e... by Jérôme Duriez on 2010-11-03

Re-write of "NormalInelasticityLaw" with use of ScGeom6D for what concerns rotations.
=> Rename of the corresponding Law2...

Add a reference of a article. In references.bib AND in yade-articles.bib, because I understood that "references" is for what is quoted from the documentation, and "yade-articles" is for what was made with Yade. And here it concerns both...

Correct of two typos in doc of StepDisplacer