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This branch is supposed to be merged into lp:ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu after the first 'draft' (i.e. after we have some xubuntu-specific slides).

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190. By Lionel Le Folgoc on 2010-01-29

Initial import of Xubuntu slides lp: #514011

189. By Dylan McCall <dylan@dylan-laptop> on 2010-01-25

Updated localization setup to use one single .pot file for all slides in a slideshow package.
(The numerous .pot files approach did not fit nicely with Rosetta).

generate-local-slides.sh must now use a brute force method to figure out which slides have been localized. (Pending smarter localization support on the slideshow's end).

Dry run of po2html on default slides, using null.po to talk it into trying, because it insists on reformatting each slide's HTML. This way, formatting is consistent with localized and unlocalized slides for the cmp command.

New build dependency: htmlclean, to optimize space.

188. By Dylan McCall <dylan@dylan-laptop> on 2010-01-22

Removed split between translation domains in po directory; all templates now combined for easier localization.

Updated generate-pot-files to create templates following this convention. (It generates .pots for each slide, then merges them). generate-local-slides.sh now understands

Temporarily removed existing .po and .pot files from project, to be imported at a later date. Crossing fingers that Rosetta will figure this out on its own. Otherwise we can merge them by hand.

Generated new, merged, template.pot.

187. By Evan on 2010-01-11

releasing version 12

186. By Evan on 2010-01-11

Add new translations from Launchpad.

185. By Evan on 2010-01-11

Update translations from Launchpad.

184. By Dylan McCall <dylan@dylan-laptop> on 2010-01-10

* slideshow.js: changed default slide interval to 45s from 30s. May fix lp:423639, but not directly marked because it is still uncertain.
 * Slideshow.py: now loads slides from correct place in build directory by default (previously loaded from ./slides, which is no longer organized like the build directory)
 * generate-local-slides.sh: "directory = new Object();" is added to directory.js again. This is necessary for the script to cooperate.

183. By Dylan McCall <dylan@dylan-laptop> on 2009-12-27

Added universal slideshow.js, removing redundant loose Javascript code from slides/ubuntu/index.html and slides/kubuntu/index.html

Replaced head from kubuntu/index.html with the newer one of ubuntu/index.html

slideshow-controls are now simply identified with specific IDs; the onclick event handler is done entirely in slideshow.js

Removed unused crossfade.css

182. By Dylan McCall <dylan@dylan-laptop> on 2009-12-27

Merging Roman's kubuntu-slideshow branch.

181. By Dylan McCall <dylan@dylan-laptop> on 2009-12-23

Major adjustment to format for passing parameters to slideshow's Javascript via #parameter. Now using
#?key?key=value format, for compatibility with WebKit. This change is due to an undocumented bug where webkit.WebView.open() would mangle the URI string, leaving only the first occurrence of the # character intact.

This change does not break compatibility with existing Ubiquity code, since the first parameter will be read whether it has a ? before it or not. However, Ubiquity should be updated as the previous functionality did not allow for multiple parameters.

Continuing adjustments to Slideshow.py. It now accepts parameters over the command line with OptionParser. Parameters accepted are locale, rtl, and slideshow path.
SlideshowViewer object handles basic selection of the slideshow language, choosing the ideal one of the available translations.
Added some basic documentation for the SlideshowViewer widget.

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