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b780af6... by Unit 193

Update changelog for release.

3b1e73e... by Unit 193

Update copyright years.

697e60d... by Unit 193

Update Standards-Version to 4.5.1.

e4369c9... by Unit 193

d/control: Add Vcs-* and homepage fields.

c4c6955... by Unit 193

d/control: R³: no.

2cf3ad7... by Unit 193

Fix makefile ordering.

fae156c... by "transifex-integration[bot]" <43880903+transifex-integration[bot]@users.noreply.github.com>

Translate /user-docs/po/user-docs.pot in pt_BR

translation completed for the source file '/user-docs/po/user-docs.pot'
on the 'pt_BR' language.

751067c... by Sean Davis

Update user-docs.pot

66b4f63... by Sean Davis <email address hidden>

Merge pull request #4 from philipzae/fix-recommended

Recommended was mispelt

50f3fdd... by Yousuf 'Jay' Philips

Recommended was mispelt