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3cb382a... by Lionel Le Folgoc

releasing version 13.04.3

99ebec9... by Lionel Le Folgoc

usr/share/xubuntu/applications/defaults.list: same, switch from leafpad
to mousepad.

ec2d0d9... by Lionel Le Folgoc

Refreshed translations from lp.

f9b8b59... by Lionel Le Folgoc

Let Super+e point to mousepad, as leafpad isn't installed by default
anymore. lp: #1154030

711bd53... by Launchpad Translations on behalf of xubuntu-dev <>

Launchpad automatic translations update.

8250fa4... by Lionel Le Folgoc

Set up translations for the two desktop files

d3878f1... by Micah Gersten

releasing version 13.04.2

fda21f1... by Micah Gersten

* Update link to GPLv2 license to appease lintian
  - update debian/copyright

305a34a... by Micah Gersten

* Switch to the Xubuntu icon for the two new menu entries

7086436... by Micah Gersten

* Add the new menu entries to the layout section as well so they appear in the proper place.