Last commit made on 2019-06-30
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330b4f0... by Sean Davis on 2019-06-30

Release xubuntu-default-settings 19.10.1

4f8124a... by Sean Davis on 2019-06-23

Add Super+L shortcut to lock the screen. Replace Ctrl+Alt+D with Super+D to show the desktop

650fd90... by Sean Davis on 2019-06-23

Disable xfce4-screensaver lock screen in the live session

d930fd0... by Sean Davis on 2019-05-20

Release xubuntu-default-settings 19.10

4e99049... by Sean Davis on 2019-05-20

Drop session splash property, no longer available as of xfce4-session 4.13.2

fd1430d... by Sean Davis on 2019-05-19

Set xfce4-session client priority from upstream

684131d... by Sean Davis on 2019-03-26

lightdm-gtk-greeter: Default to the Xubuntu desktop wallpaper now that Plymouth is release-agnostic

a69e56e... by Sean Davis on 2019-01-29

Release xubuntu-default-settings 19.04

b344d47... by Sean Davis on 2019-01-29

Set default inactivity mode to Suspend on AC and battery (LP: #1768038)

f701dcc... by Sean Davis on 2019-01-29

Set GNOME/GTK 3 dconf keys for fonts (LP: #1769774)