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e39d629... by Sean Davis <email address hidden>

Merge pull request #24 from newhoa/xfhelp4-icon

Use help-browser for xfhelp4 icon

77c019f... by Sean Davis

Fix version number

6ec08bf... by Sean Davis

etc/xdg/xdg-xubuntu/picom.conf: Add configuration file for picom (compton replacement)

1e59cba... by Darin

Use help-browser for xfhelp4 icon

Switches from legacy "gnome-help" to freedesktop
standard name "help-browser" for the xfhelp4 icon.
This name is used for the Xfce Help buttons and
is supported by more icon themes.

811cf75... by Sean Davis

Release xubuntu-default-settings 22.04.0

7d9cd67... by Sean Davis

Drop obsolete blueman gconf defaults

5918078... by Sean Davis

xcape-super-binding.desktop: Add Type=Application to show in startup apps (LP: #1963850)

3377471... by Sean Davis

defaults.list: Replace unsupported mimetype associations (LP: #1764124)

6016d05... by Sean Davis

defaults.list: Set associations for mimetypes with multiple handlers

713e9bf... by Sean Davis

defaults.list: Update desktop files to current names (LP: #1967112)