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78. By Dimitri John Ledkov on 2012-06-15

quilt push -a

77. By Dimitri John Ledkov on 2012-06-15

* Additional Ubuntu changes:
    - debian/initramfs/local-premount: add call wait_for_udev to wait a
    little longer for RAID devices to appear (LP: #942106)

76. By Dimitri John Ledkov on 2012-06-15

* New upstream releases closes these bugs:
  - mdadm --detail --scan segfaults during update-initramfs (LP: #969384)

75. By Dimitri John Ledkov on 2012-06-15

Revert pointless changes to hook, it needs proper rebase on top of debian

74. By Dimitri John Ledkov on 2012-06-15

revert bogus name change line

73. By Dimitri John Ledkov on 2012-06-15

* Changes to ubuntu additions:
  - debian/source_mdadm.py: make apport hook python 2 and 3 compatible
    (LP: #1013171).

72. By Dimitri John Ledkov on 2012-06-15

* Merge from Debian testing. (LP: #920324) Remaining changes:
  - Call checks in local-premount to avoid race condition with udev
    and opening a degraded array.
  - d/initramfs/mdadm-functions: Record in /run when boot-degraded
    question has been asked so that it is only asked once
  - pass --test to mdadm to enable result codes for degraded arrays.
  - debian/control: we need udev and util-linux in the right version. We
    also remove the build dependency from quilt and docbook-to-man as both
    are not used in Ubuntus mdadm.
  - debian/initramfs/hook: kept the Ubuntus version for handling the absence
    of active raid arrays in <initramfs>/etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf
  - debian/initramfs/script.local-top.DEBIAN, debian/mdadm-startall,
    debian/mdadm.raid.DEBIAN: removed. udev does its job now instead.
  - debian/mdadm-startall.sgml, debian/mdadm-startall.8: documentation of
    unused startall script
  - debian/mdadm.config, debian/mdadm.postinst - let udev do the handling
    instead. Resolved merge conflict by keeping Ubuntu's version.
  - debian/mdadm.postinst, debian/mdadm.config, initramfs/init-premount:
    boot-degraded enablement; maintain udev starting of RAID devices;
    init-premount hook script for the initramfs, to provide information at
  - debian/mkconf.in is the older mkconf. Kept the Ubuntu version.
  - debian/rules: Kept Ubuntus version for installing apport hooks, not
    installing un-used startall script.
  - debian/install-rc, check.d/_numbers, check.d/root_on_raid: Ubuntu partman
    installer changes
  - debian/presubj: Dropped this unused bug reporting file. Instead use
    source_mdadm.py act as an apport hook for bug handling.
  - d/p/debian-changes-3.1.4-1+8efb9d1ubuntu4: mdadm udev rule
    incrementally adds mdadm member when detected. Starting such an
    array in degraded mode is possible by mdadm -IRs. Using mdadm
    -ARs without stopping the array first does nothing when no
    mdarray-unassociated device is available. Using mdadm -IRs to
    start a previously partially assembled array through incremental
    mode. Keeping the mdadm -ARs for assembling arrays which were for
    some reason not assembled through incremental mode (i.e through
    mdadm's udev rule).
* Dropped changes:
  - Build udeb with -O2 on ppc64, working around a link error. Builds
    fine without it on debian.
  - rename debian/mdadm.vol_id.udev to debian/mdadm.mdadm-blkid.udev so
    that the rules file ends up with a more reasonable name. debian/rules
    changes for adding ubuntu's udev rule corresponding to mdadm. As we
    are now using 'upstream' udev rules see 3.2.3-2ubuntu2.

* new upstream (bugfix) release, fixing regression when --add'ing
  device to an array, introduced in 3.2.4, plus other minor fixes
  (Closes: #673104, #673344)
* new patch: sha1-includes.diff to fix #include mess in new sha1.h
* added a check into debian/checkarray to skip checking arrays created
  less than 2 weeks ago (Closes: #624273)
* Remove obsolete documentation dating back to ~etch release
* Remove reference to obsolete documention from debconf templates
* Update debconf templates translations
* Remove compatability with acient initramfs-tools
* Remove debian-specific mdadm-startall.8 in clean target
* new upstream (bugfix) release (Closes: #664088, #661552)
* removed debian-run-udev.diff (applied upstream), and
  all RUNDIR handling from debian/rules (it is the default now)
* add build-arch and build-indep targets to debian/rules, and
  bump Standards-Version to 3.9.3
* switch from topgit to plain 3.0 (quilt) layout, creating
  debian/patches. Don't build-depend on quilt as patching
  is done automatically by dpkg-source.
* debian/patches/debian-run-udev.diff by Roger Leigh (Closes: #644319, #627774)
* update debian/mdadm.logcheck.ignore.server to recognize "k" in
  addition of "blocks" in kernel messages. Thanks to Frédéric Brière
  for the patch (Closes: #656038)

71. By Dimitri John Ledkov on 2012-06-15

pop all

70. By Dimitri John Ledkov on 2012-05-30

copy udev rules in one line, not three

69. By Dimitri John Ledkov on 2012-05-22

debian/patches/series: Remove `disable-udev-incr-assembly.diff' to
enable incremental assembly, now that we are using upstream rules & we
always had incremental assembly enabled.

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