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Proposed by Dimitri John Ledkov
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Christian Ehrhardt  Disapprove
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Steve Langasek Pending
Ubuntu Core Development Team Pending
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Drop Package Maintainance from supported-development-common & main

We no longer require build-dependencies to be in main.
Some of the packages listed in Package Maintainance fall under that, i.e. debhelper pkgstriptransaltions pkg-create-dbgsym dh-*

Other packages are necessory on Ubuntu Developer's machines, i.e. dh-make dput
However, one also really needs ubuntu-dev-tools too, which is universe.

I see a few very obsolete packages in the list which imho we should drop: dupload dselect

Overall, I don't see the benefits or requirements to have these packages in main. Or why we should process MIRs for all the perl packages that devscripts/lintian want to use.

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Christian Ehrhardt  (paelzer) wrote :

## Server ##

Just that they are not strictly required to be in main doesn't mean they have to be demoted.
It depends on the level of commitment, everything in main needs to have a owning team and those tools are crucial and really need an owner.

Yes, one could say: "we still look after them" but would this create a third kind of packages "supported like in main but not really"? That would confuse even more it seems.

Also we might have pro-users of Ubuntu and other companies that build their own packages using these tools (quite likely), and they want to know these tools to be in main. For example I'm scared on removing dh-* in that regard.

Also please add a SEG review slot if we have contracts needing some of this to stay in main.

If "MIR effort for dependencies" is the main reason behind this, then maybe there are more fine grained changes e.g. make some of the less common lintian plugins only suggests?
Or mabye a subset could be demoted, but not all of this list as proposed.

I'd be eager to hear what others think, but for now about "Just removing all of-them": Nack

review: Disapprove
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Christian Ehrhardt  (paelzer) wrote :

Did anything else come out of this or will the discussion be continued?
Otherwise we should set the whole MP to rejected to clear the overviews of open MPs on LP.

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0da4329... by Dimitri John Ledkov

supported-development-common: drop Package Maintainance

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1diff --git a/supported-development-common b/supported-development-common
2index 4196767..d0db7e0 100644
3--- a/supported-development-common
4+++ b/supported-development-common
5@@ -35,25 +35,6 @@
7 * git
9-== Package Maintainance ==
11- * debhelper # ColinWatson
12- * devscripts
13- * dh-make
14- * dupload # ColinWatson
15- * lintian
16- * apt-listchanges
17- * dput
18- * pkgstriptranslations # for removing gettext data on the buildds
19- * pkg-create-dbgsym # automatic creation of debug symbols
20- * hello
21- * hello-debhelper
22- * dselect # old-school package management
23- * dh-autoreconf
24- * dh-exec
25- * dh-di
26- * dh-golang
28 == Seed Management ==
30 * germinate # quis custodiet ipsos custodes?


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