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Dimitri John Ledkov (xnox) wrote :

Yes, we don't need all three. Looking into it more, I think we actually want: upstart & dbus activation.

XDG Autostart was not used in any of the previous releases, and neither lightdm nor ubiquity spawns gnome-session/upstart-user-session to autostart them. So I think upstart jobs + dbus activation should cover all cases, without imposing upstart to use the indicators. (but upstart is used where possible, which all Ubuntu standard flavours).

I'll priorities to get dbus-upstart activation done rather sooner than later, to close the gap between dbus-activation & upstart job.

Are you ok to reintroduce dbus activation? (that service file will be needed to integrate with dbus-activation as well, it will simply gain additional UpstartJob=indicator-sound)

W.r.t. upstart-job itself, I would have expected indicators to start on "started indicator-service" and stop on "stopped indicator-service", why is there an artificial sync point "indiator-services-start|end" ? is it reliably emitted when indicator-service dies?

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