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89bbfe9... by Dimitri John Ledkov

Start addressing review feedback

3556b42... by Dimitri John Ledkov

Merge remote-tracking branch 'germinate/master' into foreign-arch-ma-same

259c65c... by Steve Langasek

Another fix for overpruning

Detected because the build-dependencies of game-data-packager went missing.

fd1db2a... by Steve Langasek

Fix overpruning of build-deps of mixed-arch packages with no-follow-b-d-all

If an arch: any package depends on an arch: all package from the same
source, and no-follow-build-depends-all is set, germinate traverses the
dependency to the arch: all package, adds it to the list of sources for
the seed, but then seeing that this is an arch: all binary, does not
recurse to the build-dependencies. When we pop the stack back to the
arch: any binary package, the source is already in the seed and we fail to
traverse the build-deps.

Fix this by handling the no-follow-build-depends-all case before adding
the package to the seed.

e4070bc... by Steve Langasek

no-follow-build-depends-all should handle Build-Depends-Indep.

Packages listed in Build-Depends-Indep are a special case of
build-dependencies of Arch: all packages, and should also be pruned.

2d338ca... by Colin Watson

Fix typography in germinate(1)

5e63d15... by Steve Langasek

Document no-follow-build-depends-all in the manpage.

b342713... by Dimitri John Ledkov

Add foreign arch parsing, to support seeding M-A:same deps

ad17b5d... by Steve Langasek

Add a new feature, follow-build-depends-all.

This tells whether to follow build-dependencies of packages which are
Architecture: all. This is useful for germinating packagesets for partial
architectures, where the architecture-all binaries will never be built on
that arch but instead of some primary arch, so we should truncate traversal
of build-dependencies to exclude packages we don't need built on the partial

7b7c007... by Steve Langasek

Test case for feature follow-build-depends-all.