Merge lp:~xnox/debian-cd/ubuntu-fwsetup into lp:~ubuntu-cdimage/debian-cd/ubun3

Proposed by Dimitri John Ledkov on 2019-12-11
Status: Merged
Merged at revision: 2041
Proposed branch: lp:~xnox/debian-cd/ubuntu-fwsetup
Merge into: lp:~ubuntu-cdimage/debian-cd/ubun3
Diff against target: 38 lines (+14/-0)
1 file modified
tools/boot/focal/boot-amd64 (+14/-0)
To merge this branch: bzr merge lp:~xnox/debian-cd/ubuntu-fwsetup
Reviewer Review Type Date Requested Status
Steve Langasek 2019-12-11 Approve on 2020-01-15
Ubuntu CD Image Team 2020-01-15 Pending
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Commit message

Add firmware setup menu entry on EFI grub platforms.

Description of the change

Add firmware setup menu entry on EFI grub platforms.

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Steve Langasek (vorlon) wrote :

What's the rationale for a firmware setup menu entry? On installed systems, we offer this because if UEFI fastboot is enabled it may be the only way to select a non-default boot option. But how would a system with UEFI fastboot have ever booted the installer image in the first place? And, having booted it, why would the user need a system setup menu option, instead of either a) proceeding to install, or b) removing the installer from the system and rebooting?

review: Needs Information
Dimitri John Ledkov (xnox) wrote :

The delay on EDK2 / OVMF builds to enter setup mode is too short, because it takes a while for SPICE to connect the keyabord. So I need it on VMs to enter setup when doing iso testing.

It's not unrealistic for people to miss the window when one can enter bios on real hardware by default. As one has to do it whilst the screen is completely black. I.e. on my dell laptop I choose to add a 30s boot delay in bios settings, as the window to enter bios settings was too short for me.

lp:~xnox/debian-cd/ubuntu-fwsetup updated on 2020-01-15
2043. By Dimitri John Ledkov on 2020-01-15

Add boot from next target menuentry.

Dimitri John Ledkov (xnox) wrote :

Steve, updated. Please re-review.

Steve Langasek (vorlon) wrote :

ok, I was -1 on the idea of using fwsetup as a replacement for the "Boot next device" option, but I can see that the rationale for having this on installed systems also applies equally well to live images (even though in practice it would be unusual for a system to both be configured with UEFI fastboot and have the live image as the first boot option that you can't remove). So I'm +1 on adding both of these.

review: Approve

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1=== modified file 'tools/boot/focal/boot-amd64'
2--- tools/boot/focal/boot-amd64 2019-10-18 23:26:51 +0000
3+++ tools/boot/focal/boot-amd64 2020-01-15 16:36:51 +0000
4@@ -551,6 +551,8 @@
6 fi
7 fi
8+# No OEM mode on ubuntu-server live
9+if ! ([ "$PROJECT" = ubuntu-server ] && [ "$CDIMAGE_LIVE" = 1 ]); then
10 # The GRUB versions of this only correspond to single isolinux labels,
11 # because we don't yet have the necessary technology in our GRUB menu stack
12 # to have a two-dimensional set of boot options, as is implemented for
13@@ -584,6 +586,7 @@
14 EOF
15 fi
16 done
17+fi # No OEM mode on ubuntu-server live
18 if [ "$CDIMAGE_INSTALL_BASE" = 1 ]; then
19 if [ "$PROJECT" != ubuntu-server ]; then
20 cat >> boot$N/isolinux/gfxboot.cfg <<EOF
21@@ -713,6 +716,17 @@
22 linux16 /install/mt86plus
23 }
24 EOF
25+cat >> $CDDIR/boot/grub/grub.cfg <<EOF
27+if [ "\$grub_platform" = "efi" ]; then
28+menuentry 'Boot from next target' {
29+ exit
31+menuentry 'System setup' {
32+ fwsetup
36 fi
38 if [ "$BACKPORT_KERNEL" ] && [ "$PROJECT" = ubuntu-server ]; then


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