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9e5cdbb... by Dimitri John Ledkov on 2017-05-16

nplan: correctly generate ipv6 and ipv4 netmask addresses

Insure that only cidr used when outputing netmasks in netplan.

LP: #1689346
LP: #1691100

afdddf8... by Lars Kellogg-Stedman on 2017-05-18

cloudstack: fix tests to avoid accessing /var/lib/NetworkManager

on centos/fedora/rhel, /var/lib/NetworkManager has mode 700, causing
the cloudstack unit tests to fail when run as a non-root user. This
mocks out get_latest_lease so that we no longer try to read dhcp lease
information during the unit tests.

951863c... by Joshua Powers on 2017-05-17

tests: fix hardcoded path to mkfs.ext4

A recent merge that added a mkfs.ext4 tests has a hard coded location
for the binary of mkfs.ext4. On CentOS 7 the test failed because the
command in a different location than Ubuntu.

LP: #1691517

66e46d8... by Chris Brinker on 2017-04-28

Actually skip warnings when .skip file is present.

This change allows the presence of
  "/var/lib/cloud/instance/warnings/.skip" to
actually skip warnings as documented in Z99-cloudinit-warnings.sh.

LP: #1691551

a6572d9... by Dimitri John Ledkov on 2017-05-13

netplan: fix netplan render_network_state signature.

tools/net-convert fails to output netplan config, because the
positional arguments of render_network_state are the wrong way around
for that function w.r.t. other renders.

Fix the netplan renderer to have the correct signature.

LP: #1685944

31b6f17... by Scott Moser on 2017-04-28

Azure: fix reformatting of ephemeral disks on resize to large types.

Large instance types have a different disk format on the newly
partitioned ephemeral drive. So we have to adjust the logic in the
Azure datasource to recognize that a disk with 2 partitions and
an empty ntfs filesystem on the second one is acceptable.

This also adjusts the datasources's builtin fs_setup config to remove
the 'replace_fs' entry. This entry was previously ignored, and confusing.
I've clarified the doc on that also.

LP: #1686514

f4d3ca4... by Scott Moser on 2017-05-16

Revert "tools/net-convert: fix argument order for render_network_state"

This reverts commit 64a3df16d9c63db470a3ba55d9c5cc8e05d050d7.

Patch shouldn't have been pulled. The issue was inside the netplan renderer.

8f17647... by Chad Smith on 2017-04-24

make deb: Add devscripts dependency for make deb. Cleanup packages/bddeb.

Add a simple dependency check to "make deb" target for devscripts. Rework
a bit of the logic in package/bddeb to drop superfluous STD_NAMED_PACKAGES
to avoid duplication of requirements already listed in
(test-)?requiremets.txt. All "standard" packages can be assumed to have
either python3- or python- prefix if not listed in NONSTD_NAMED_PACKAGES.
This branch also moves logic inside write_debian_folder which is unneeded
up in main.

LP: #1685935

64a3df1... by Ryan Harper on 2017-04-24

tools/net-convert: fix argument order for render_network_state

We're calling Renderer.render_network_state() with incorrect args.

% PYTHONPATH=`pwd` ./tools/net-convert.py \
   --network-data=simple-v2.yaml --kind=yaml \
   --output-kind netplan --directory ./target

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "./tools/net-convert.py", line 82, in <module>
  File "./tools/net-convert.py", line 78, in main
    r.render_network_state(ns, target=args.directory)
TypeError: render_network_state() got multiple values for argument 'target'

The method signature requires passing <target dir>, <network_state>.
This patch fixes the call order.

LP: #1685944

9a17861... by Lars Kellogg-Stedman on 2017-05-12

openstack: fix log message copy/paste typo in _get_url_settings

There was a copy/paste error in _get_url_settings such that the error
message would complain about max wait when in fact it was talking
about retries.