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d738bc1... by Xav Paice

Functest looks for metrics that are common

Reduce the list of metrics that functests look for to ones that are
common in containers and hosts, for all releases. This check just
ensures that Telegraf is functioning, it doesn't need specific metrics
to confirm that.

8574a39... by Xav Paice

Remove glance from bundles/focal-compute.yaml

c824252... by Xav Paice

Remove alertmanager from functests

c7b0d0b... by Xav Paice

Trigger updates for prometheus-client relation

Changes event actions to allow changes to prometheus-client and
prometheus-rules relations to trigger relation data population whenever
the relation changes (e.g. a second application is joined).

Resolves LP:#1939262

5a41b9f... by Guillermo Gonzalez

Fix lp:1939583. clear prometheus-client.relation.configured flag on upgrade-charm

Reviewed-on: https://code.launchpad.net/~verterok/charm-telegraf/+git/telegraf-charm/+merge/406953
Reviewed-by: Drew Freiberger <email address hidden>

6a86df9... by Guillermo Gonzalez

clear prometheus-client.relation.configured flag on upgrade-charm as plugins.*.configured are also cleared otherwise things gets in a inconsistent state. Add a unittest for it

96ad93a... by James Troup

Replace 'juju set' references with 'juju config'

Reviewed-on: https://code.launchpad.net/~elmo/charm-telegraf/+git/charm-telegraf/+merge/406766
Reviewed-by: Tom Haddon <email address hidden>

c765b6f... by James Troup

Put 'juju config' in backticks to improve rendering on charmhub per mthaddon.

81ec35a... by James Troup

Replace references to 'juju set' with 'juju config'.

5999312... by Xav Paice

Add OS_ vars to tox.ini

Reviewed-on: https://code.launchpad.net/~xavpaice/charm-telegraf/+git/charm-telegraf/+merge/406510
Reviewed-by: James Troup <email address hidden>