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1051. By XavierAntoviaque on 2012-02-27

Missing test commit for #934376

1050. By XavierAntoviaque on 2012-02-24

Refs #934376 - SCRUM Meetings - Separator is now only ';', added reporting on behalf of another user

* Fix usability issue with separators, based on feedback from real-world usage. Dots and commas tend to split progress report items in unintended ways, for example with URLs or long items which need punctuation.

* Added reporting on behalf of another user, similarly to the 'topic <subject> [<user>]' command

1049. By XavierAntoviaque on 2012-02-18

Removes superflous line

1048. By XavierAntoviaque on 2012-02-17

Implements #934376 - Commands to hold SCRUM meetings

Implements the following commands:

    (next | done | blocked by) <statement>[, <statement>[, ...]]
    what is my progress report?
    what's the progress report from <nick>?

"next|done|blocked by" work similarly to agreed|rejected|..., with the
following refinements:

* They are available to all participants
* They are sorted by participant in the minutes
* When a user has used all three commands, ibid prints a recap of his
  progress report (which can also be obtained manually with "what is...?"
* Ibid splits the statements when it encounters one of the following
  characters ";.,". This allows to present the items in a readable way, as
  unsplitted lists are pretty hard to read when there are more than 1-2
* Blockers are automatically added to the agenda for later discussion,
  except when it is "nothing"/

1047. By XavierAntoviaque on 2012-02-17

Adding myself to the AUTHORS file, as requested :p

1046. By XavierAntoviaque on 2012-02-17

Implements #931774 - Agenda tracking for meetings (adds tests)

Adding unit test for the meeting agenda feature, as per the code review.

1045. By XavierAntoviaque on 2012-02-15

Implements #931774 - Agenda tracking for meetings

* Implementation based on https://wiki.koumbit.net/IrcBotService/ToDo#Agenda_tracking
  For the complete list of supported commands, see below.

* Integrated the "topic <text>" command as part of the agenda tracking
  feature, in a manner which keeps backward compatibility, but allows
  to take advantage of the new features. It can be used alone, the same
  way as before, and will then create agenda topics and open them
  immediately, closing the previous one if any. If used with pre-defined
  agenda items, it will insert the new topic immediately after the current
  one, and move to it.

* Factored the meeting identification based on the current event in a single

== List of implemented commands ==

Add a topic to the agenda
    agenda+ <text>
    topic+ <text>
    agenda+ <text> '['<proposer>']'
    topic+ <text> '['<proposer>']'

Add a topic and open it immediately
    topic <text>
    topic <text> '['<proposer>']'

Display the topics on the agenda
    what is [on] [the] agenda?
    what's [on] [the] agenda?
    list [the] agenda
    show [the] agenda
    what are the topics?
    list [the] topics
    show [the] topics

Rename an agenda topic
    rename topic <number> to <newtext>

Drop a topic from the agenda
    agenda- <number>
    topic- <number>
    delete topic <number>
    drop topic <number>
    forget topic <number>
    remove topic <number>

Reorder the agenda
    [the] agenda order [is] a [, b]... [, m-[n]]...
    [the] topic[s] order [is] a [, b]... [, m-[n]]...

Clear the agenda
    [please] clear [the] agenda
    [please] clear [the] topics

Move to the next agenda topic
    [take up] next topic
    [open] next topic
    move to next topic

Open the discussion about an agenda topic
    take up topic <number|pattern>
    open topic <number|pattern>
    move to topic <number|pattern>

What is the current agenda topic?
    what topic [is open]?
    what topic is this?
    what topic are we on?
    current topic?

Close an agenda topic
    close topic <number|pattern>
    close this topic
    close [the] current topic

Defer a topic on the agenda
    skip [this] topic

A sample usage can be found at http://paste.pocoo.org/show/551514/

1044. By XavierAntoviaque on 2012-02-13

Include state change events in meeting logs, rather than just empty lines.
Author: XavierAntoviaque
Merge Request: http://code.launchpad.net/~xavier-antoviaque/ibid/statechangeevents-722627/+merge/92861
Approved by: Jonathan Hitchcock, Stefano Rivera
Fixes LP: #722627

1043. By Max Rabkin on 2011-12-13

encode place name in utf-8
Author: Max Rabkin
Merge Request: http://code.launchpad.net/~max-rabkin/ibid/weather-unicode-898058/+merge/84507
Approved by: Keegan Carruthers-Smith, Stefano Rivera
Fixes LP: #898058

1042. By Max Rabkin on 2011-11-30

Add lookup for coordinates of places
Author: Max Rabkin
Merge Request: http://code.launchpad.net/~max-rabkin/ibid/coords-892484/+merge/82773
Approved by: Keegan Carruthers-Smith, Stefano Rivera
Fixes LP: #892484

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