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755c3e8... by Fabien Chéreau on 2019-04-22

Use this release as base for old SVMT plugin build

c8d0f92... by Diego on 2010-09-10

Removing unused variable

c58e49f... by Diego on 2010-09-09

Introducing again QGraphicsGridLayour instead of QGraphicsAnchorLayout

b310641... by Fabien Chéreau on 2010-09-08

Fixed a bug occuring when clicking in an area of the screen with invalid unprojected sky position e.g. with Hammer Aitof projection.

909d89d... by Bogdan Marinov on 2010-09-08

GUI: fixed embedded resources; removed a string that triggered unnecessary translation

65eaa36... by Bogdan Marinov on 2010-09-08

minor comment cleanup to avoid confusion

fe09462... by Fabien Chéreau on 2010-09-07

Put version in the line center.

4a4d9a3... by Fabien Chéreau on 2010-09-07

Fixed broken doc links.

8f4afb2... by Fabien Chéreau on 2010-09-06

Suppressed hardcoded path for SVMT compilation.

65a9b30... by Fabien Chéreau on 2010-09-05

Added russian translations for sky cultures. Patch from Alexander Wolf.