Last commit made on 2016-10-16
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0b39b1c... by Sergei Krivonos on 2016-10-16

merge trunk

fc25b15... by Sergei Krivonos on 2016-10-15

fixed tests linkage

d397764... by Florian Schaukowitsch on 2016-10-15

Hopefully fully re-enable keyboard controls

93101a4... by Sergei Krivonos on 2016-10-14

resolved debug launch

a2b1dfd... by Alexander Wolf on 2016-10-13

Updated strings for translation

058c3a3... by Florian Schaukowitsch on 2016-10-13

Fix Qt OpenGL state sometimes getting messed up (wrong icon textures and possibly other stuff)

bab90d1... by Florian Schaukowitsch on 2016-10-12

Fix a warning detected by QOpenGLDebugLogger about undefined GL behaviour caused by sometimes accessing shadow textures without HW depth compare mode with a shadow sampler (when PCSS is enabled, and Venus is the shadow caster)

18265d8... by gzotti on 2016-10-12

remove useless misspelled names, fix obvious typos (ref 11 is also not perfect!)

82a3737... by Florian Schaukowitsch on 2016-10-12

Fix Scenery3d not working/crashing
The problem is that is no longer guaranteed that the correct GL context is always bound.
This may cause problems in other parts of the program, like the new custom markers (also fixed now). Needs more testing.
If a GL method is called through StelOpenGL in debug builds with an invalid context, an assert error is now thrown using some evil macro magic.

a20bd33... by Alexander Wolf on 2016-10-12

StelTexture: resolve crash on exit in debug mode