Last commit made on 2016-10-16
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0b39b1c... by Sergei Krivonos on 2016-10-16

merge trunk

93101a4... by Sergei Krivonos on 2016-10-14

resolved debug launch

a2b1dfd... by Alexander Wolf on 2016-10-13

Updated strings for translation

18265d8... by gzotti on 2016-10-12

remove useless misspelled names, fix obvious typos (ref 11 is also not perfect!)

a20bd33... by Alexander Wolf on 2016-10-12

StelTexture: resolve crash on exit in debug mode

549b621... by Sergei Krivonos on 2016-10-11

Resolve crash on exit issue

dfdbbdb... by Sergei Krivonos on 2016-10-10

Resolved crash on debug start.

ed59e0e... by Alexander Wolf on 2016-10-05

Fixed displaying date and time in AstroCalc Tool

61140cf... by Alexander Wolf on 2016-10-03

Extract new lines for translation

787412b... by Alexander Wolf on 2016-10-03

Added custom objects to avoid of getting of empty space for Search Tool (SIMBAD mode) and to adding custom markers on the sky