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ae080e7... by Alexander Wolf on 2018-01-31

Fix compilation

98cec08... by Guillaume Chereau on 2018-01-30

Hips: group the surveys by types

For the moment we only consider deep sky and solar system surveys ('dss'
and 'sol').

I need to fix some of the surveys to specify the type

e990efc... by Guillaume Chereau on 2017-12-11

Hips survey each have a visible property

So that we will eventually be able to render several at the same time.

I also added some logic for planet surveys, so that they are loaded from
the survey manager and visible in the survey list, but still rendered by
the planets. Not sure if that is the best way to do it.

c8195a1... by Guillaume Chereau on 2017-12-05

Fix compilation with Qt 5.4

0da8d62... by Guillaume Chereau on 2017-12-04

Auto assign planet HipsSurveys

Any loaded survey whose url filename matches a planet is automatically
assigned to the planet.

The way it works for the moment is that the HipsMgr emit a signal each
time a new survey is found. The solasystem module listen to this signal
and assign the survey automatically.

Eventually I think we should add a property in the survey to specify if
we should use them on a given planet. The HiPS spec doesn't cover this
use case.

It's a bit annoying that we have to include "StelHips.hpp" in the class
interface but I haven't found a way to pre-declare HipsSurveyP.

528b121... by Guillaume Chereau on 2017-11-14

Hips: support local surveys

3ff5fb8... by Guillaume Chereau on 2017-11-14

StelTexture supports loading from file://

This is convenient sometime because Qt network requests only work with
proper urls. The only thing is that I am not sure if the images get put
in the cache in that case (I hope not).

b0e4505... by Guillaume Chereau on 2017-11-14

Hips: allow to set the sources in the configs

I use an array like the satellites plugin does, so that we can have as
many sources as we want.

cd053a3... by Guillaume Chereau on 2017-11-14

Hips: remove '[loading]' status in the ui

We don't need that now that we have the loading bars.

d08bdc4... by Guillaume Chereau on 2017-11-14

Hips: show progress bars

I used one progress bar per survey, shown when we load the allsky or the