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9ede406... by gzotti on 2016-02-02

Stelpainter: restore OpenGL state after drawText(). Fixed all relevant calls in other classes. Result should be fine now. Massive savings in OpenGL state switching!

e8966ec... by gzotti on 2016-02-01

a few fixes of inconsistent states, and addition of instrumentation to StelPainter to see how many state changes were avoided. drawText must definitely be fixed.

6a4aac0... by gzotti on 2016-02-01

update plugins to the new scheme. Unfortunately, StelPainter::drawText() breaks some of the expected benefit.

ea25cba... by gzotti on 2016-01-31

Cached the most frequently switched OpenGL states for the main app (no plugins yet). It seems there is a speed boost :-)

fb000c7... by gzotti on 2016-01-30

avoid needless OpenGL state changes for Comets

05a3e1d... by gzotti on 2016-01-29

Reduced OpenGL state switching for Meteors. (Sporadic and MeteorShower plugin). Instead of blend switches per meteor, use state switches per frame (sporadic) or at least per shower (plugin). Code is not cleaned up yet, but it works.

ddf0339... by gzotti on 2016-01-27

A few first attempts to reduce redundant GL state changes

5dc33bc... by Alexander Wolf on 2016-01-27

Updating coding style for LocationDialog

a7cdfdd... by Timothy Reaves <email address hidden> on 2016-01-27

Applying device pixel ratio to the pixmap, so that it displays correctly
on Mac's. I really do not think this should be needed, but, until we
get HiDPI images, it may be.

ac7acb3... by gzotti on 2016-01-26

Fixed (most) warning issues from Coverity Scan. (I cannot find warning reason for one, left note there.)