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c885dd6... by gzotti on 2017-12-30

Completed a rebase of this branch from master (post-0.17)

* added new elements
* introduced another enum
* added text output

It seems the WGCCRE axis values are OK,
but the orientation matrices don't work together yet.

6a3ad79... by gzotti on 2017-03-29

temporarily disable new moon elements; Rename visual mag algorithms to make them more consistent.

ff55da1... by gzotti on 2017-03-12

fix bad resolution of merge conflict.

d85a3e3... by gzotti on 2017-01-08

First attempt with new axes. For unclear reasons, axis corrections for the moon cause crazy behaviour. Rotation correction seems to work. Moon looks better in prehistory. But using angles from DE43x would be better.

81fa33c... by gzotti on 2017-01-08


8f91637... by gzotti on 2017-01-08

Use meaningful defaults in loader for ssystem.ini

b374e0e... by gzotti on 2017-01-08


fa0d45b... by gzotti on 2017-01-07

fix parsing rotational angles...

72b8ef6... by gzotti on 2017-01-07

Fix a small sun problem

5d6d1bf... by gzotti on 2017-01-07

Slight restructuring of Planets, Comets, MinorPlanets, SolarSystem loader, add absolute magnitudes. Finish rotation formulae. Axis restructuring not yet done.