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4cf3994... by Guillaume Chereau on 2017-01-03

Merge branch 'stellarium' into fix-orbits

0f26d0d... by Alexander Wolf on 2017-01-02

Cosmetic updates for GUI of Search Tool; Added new lines for translation

c653f0b... by gzotti on 2017-01-02

Add new algorithm for DeltaT from Stephenson, Morrison and Hohenkerk (2016)

d736cfb... by Alexander Wolf on 2017-01-02

Let's update list of Solar system bodies in AstroCalc tool when new objects added or objects was removed

206126b... by Alexander Wolf on 2017-01-02

Fixed rules for ISS

b0fb750... by Alexander Wolf on 2017-01-02

Apply translations for public testing

131dd17... by Launchpad Translations <> on 2017-01-02

Launchpad automatic translations update.

7f3dc11... by Launchpad Translations <> on 2017-01-01

Launchpad automatic translations update.

25146c7... by Launchpad Translations <> on 2016-12-31

Launchpad automatic translations update.

d306f3a... by Launchpad Translations <> on 2016-12-30

Launchpad automatic translations update.