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6bf302a... by Alexander Wolf on 2019-06-22

v0.19.1 release

b8d9278... by Alexander Wolf on 2019-06-22

Updated Stellarium User Guide

f7c0d4c... by Alexander Wolf on 2019-06-22

Updated Stellarium User Guide

a70b3ce... by Alexander Wolf on 2019-06-21

Final extract new lines for translation

57cd80a... by gzotti on 2019-06-21

Fix vecmath tests (after explicit constructors)

175841f... by gzotti on 2019-06-21

Apply rotation when drawing Solar Corona (fix #699)

- also draw Corona when atmosphere is switched off

ceb50d0... by gzotti on 2019-06-21

Add parallactic angle function

- Also added it to infostring and infomap.
- added hour angle and sidereal time to infomap
- fixed airmass in infomap

98498c9... by gzotti on 2019-06-21

Declare explicit constructor for Vec3(T) and Vec2(T)

This prevents automatic construction of vectors from simple types which may lead to errors.

9c5401a... by gzotti on 2019-06-20

Another correction to #391.

df82309... by Alexander Wolf on 2019-06-20

Fix compilation and fix i18n issue for SpaceShip