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6c1c5a7... by Alexander Wolf on 2018-03-25

0.18.0 release

3d18547... by Alexander Wolf on 2018-03-24

Apply translations for public testing (0.18.0RC2)

322df0e... by Alexander Wolf on 2018-03-22

Updated creadits

6734903... by Alexander Wolf on 2018-03-22

Updated textures for Solar system bodies

ba928ed... by Guillaume Chereau on 2018-03-22

Delay main view update until the next frame

This improves a lot the responsiveness of mac touchpad. Still not as
smooth as with a mouse though, but almost good enough (on my Macbook

I am not totally sure why this works to be honest, but it's not too bad
to use a singleShot(0, ...) call since it clearly shows the intent
that is to render as soon as possible after the current frame.

92fdc03... by gzotti on 2018-03-20

Guide: small fixes

59f15d0... by Guillaume Chereau on 2018-03-20

guide: add section about surveys

There seems to be a problem with the newFeature LaTex macro that doesn't
work properly in sec 4.6 because of the new page.

I leave it like that for the moment because I am not familiar with LaTex
and I don't understand what is the problem, but that needs to be fixed.

9444a55... by gzotti on 2018-03-19

Hips: store and retrieve selected surveys.

Also store and retrieve active status.

ac81447... by gzotti on 2018-03-18

Changed bottom bar GUI button for Hips display

51d208b... by Alexander Wolf on 2018-03-18

Obvious fixes