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e7e1365... by Alexander Wolf on 2017-03-21

Sync translations

a018041... by Launchpad Translations <> on 2017-03-20

Launchpad automatic translations update.

fa90a5a... by Launchpad Translations <> on 2017-03-19

Launchpad automatic translations update.

c28fb38... by Alexander Wolf on 2017-03-18

A few fixes for Oculars plugin; Updating SUG

53b0db4... by Florian Schaukowitsch on 2017-03-18

Clear GL error state after using QPainter, prevents crashes in debug
mode in Qt 5.7+ (QTBUG-56798)

3733fd8... by gzotti on 2017-03-18

Fix a small error in that Zodiacal light was aligned with Ecliptic J2000, not Ecliptic of date. This also restores the possibilities to change base colors for Zodiacal Light and Milky Way. Also remove an old test texture.

0e5ad58... by gzotti on 2017-03-17

Addendum to r9185: fix altitude computation.

e8e16fe... by Florian Schaukowitsch on 2017-03-17

Make sure only 1 painter is active during night mode rendering or Qt gets the GL state wrong
A simple fix for the bug would have been a glActiveTexture call, but this way should be cleaner and more future-proof (but with a bit more overhead)

76a903d... by gzotti on 2017-03-17

Fix application of DE43x DeltaT when date outside range of the selected DE43x.

acc9281... by Alexander Wolf on 2017-03-17

Added option to change the prediction depth of Iridium flares