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Martin Pool (mbp) wrote :

> .tgz tarballs are not possible due to a bug in bzr. It is not within the scope of this patch to fix that bug.

So, when we fix that bug, we'll change this to send tgz instead?

Could you tell me the bug number? Perhaps it would be worth
mentioning this in a comment
>> Were you able to get the tests to run and pass?
> Yes. Everything passes.


>> [fix] It looks like you want tarballs disabled by default (which I agree with), so it seems a bit strange to me that the keyword arguments default to true.
> What line are you referring to?
@@ -49,7 +49,7 @@

     def __init__(self, branch, friendly_name=None, config={},
                  graph_cache=None, branch_link=None, is_root=False,
- served_url=_DEFAULT, use_cdn=False):
+ served_url=_DEFAULT, use_cdn=False, export_tarballs=True):
         self.branch = branch
         self._config = config
         self.friendly_name = friendly_name

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