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87b6c71... by X2Go Release Manager <email address hidden>


9428156... by Mihai Moldovan

man/man1/pyhoca-cli.1: drop incorrect short option -p as an alias for --pack. Fixes: #1062.

-p is already used as the short option for --remote-ssh-port.

1cb6ec7... by Mihai Moldovan

debian/changelog: add entry for last change.

f727fb8... by Mihai Moldovan

debian/control: add myself as uploader.

Also, force a rebuild due to the changed versioning.

183ad74... by Mihai Moldovan

pyhoca-cli.spec: SLE support: add --prefix to setup.py install call.

Otherwise, data will land in /usr/local/.

8d36f31... by Mihai Moldovan

pyhoca-cli.spec: add support for EPEL5 and (older) SLE versions by using the BuildRoot tag.

e67cb2a... by Mihai Moldovan

debian/control: maintainer change in package: X2Go Developers <email address hidden>.

b0940ee... by X2Go Release Manager <email address hidden>

Continue development...

934cf1c... by X2Go Release Manager <email address hidden>


a1e7fa3... by X2Go Release Manager <email address hidden>

debian/changelog: move dh-python change to where it actually belongs to - version