Last commit made on 2019-12-26
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071bd72... by X2Go Release Manager <email address hidden>


810ac3e... by Mihai Moldovan

man/man1/pyhoca-cli.1: pre-release date update.

a77fa38... by Mihai Moldovan

debian/changelog: fix version in description.

81dc349... by Mihai Moldovan

pyhoca-cli.spec: also apply pycache changes to Tumbleweed, which seems to not get caught by %{sle_version}.

3f39a61... by Mihai Moldovan

pyhoca-cli.spec: actually apply pycache changes to 15.0+ and not just 15.1+.

6b7a676... by Mihai Moldovan

pyhoca-cli.spec: fix spelling error in pycache directory.

8cb1e43... by Mihai Moldovan

pyhoca-cli.spec: fix newer *SuSE versions: 15.0+ seem to install the pycace files into a subdirectory based on the package name.

38484b8... by Mihai Moldovan

pyhoca-cli.spec: fix another unescaped macro in comment.

1acaf61... by Mihai Moldovan

pyhoca-cli.spec: actually fix issue: macros are expanded even in commented lines and some of them were not properly escaped via double percent sign characters.

6847b62... by Mihai Moldovan

Revert "pyhoca-cli.spec: hopefully fix builds on *SuSE: even pure Python-3-builds need python-devel as a build requirement (only)... for some weird reason."

This reverts commit 9e3be6547ecd3e324cbd12688c13e806fc1bce4f.