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Proposed by Walter Lapchynski
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loco_directory/templates/teams/team_detail.html (+1/-1)
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Dani Llewellyn (community) Approve
Adnane Belmadiaf Pending
LoCo Team Portal Developers Pending
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Description of the change

In Team Details, if a user is not a member (in an else of a blank is_member), "Join This Team!" is displayed in the nav, but at no point anywhere on the page is the Launchpad Team mentioned. So if is_member succeeds, it now now offers "Team Details."

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Pablo Rubianes (pablorubianes-uy) wrote :

As LoCo Council member I don't think that encourage people to join every team on the list is a good idea, as you need to join just your LoCo.
I think that provide more stuff to the members is a good idea but not encouraging people to join every LoCo.


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Walter Lapchynski (wxl) wrote :

This change doesn't do anything different with regards to joining teams. That was already there for non-team members. All it does is add a "Team Details" link if they are a member of the team.

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Walter Lapchynski (wxl) wrote :

Added daker per dholbach's suggestion.

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Dani Llewellyn (diddledani) wrote :

Looks good to me.

review: Approve

Unmerged revisions

683. By Walter Lapchynski

added lp team details to nav for members

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1=== modified file 'loco_directory/templates/teams/team_detail.html'
2--- loco_directory/templates/teams/team_detail.html 2013-11-17 05:32:01 +0000
3+++ loco_directory/templates/teams/team_detail.html 2015-02-18 20:59:20 +0000
4@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@
6 {% block sub_nav_links %}
7 <li><a class="sub-nav-item" href="{% url team-list %}" title="{% trans "Back to Teams List" %}">{% trans "Back to Teams List" %}</a></li>
8- {% if is_member %}{% else %}<li><a class="sub-nav-item" href="{{ team.lp_name }}/+join">{% trans "Join This Team!" %}</a></li>{% endif %}
9+ {% if is_member %}<li><a class="sub-nav-item" href="{{ team.lp_name }}">{% trans "Team Details" %}</a></li>{% else %}<li><a class="sub-nav-item" href="{{ team.lp_name }}/+join">{% trans "Join This Team!" %}</a></li>{% endif %}
10 {% if is_admin %}<li><a class="sub-nav-item" href="{% url team-edit team.lp_name %}" title="{% trans "Edit Details" %}">{% trans "Edit Details" %}</a></li>{% endif %}
11 {% if is_admin and not %}<li><a class="sub-nav-item" href="{% url select-other-team team.lp_name %}" title="{% trans "Merge with another team" %}">{% trans "Merge team" %}</a></li>{% endif %}
12 {% if is_member %}<li><a class="sub-nav-item" href="{% url team-event-new team.lp_name %}" title="{% trans "Add New Event" %}">{% trans "Add New Event" %}</a></li>{% endif %}


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