Code review comment for lp:~wingpanel-devs/audience/sound-indicator-in-fullscreen

Viko Adi Rahmawan (vikoadi) wrote :

the wingpanel-indicator-sound refer to cmake target that is created using ExternalProject_Add, not sound indicator package. It can be compiled event without libwingpanel installed.

So those ExternalProject_Add will download and extract the tar.gz file into wingpanel-indicator-sound folder. Then we can add the class that we need into vala_precompile package. Here i can only reuse Sound.Widget.Scale, Service.VolumeControl, and Service.Setting. I need to have a controller to wire up Widget.Scale view into VolumeControl model, thats why i need to write all that src/Volume class.

If we can abstract out the volume controller part of Indicator.vala into its own class, we can always reuse it in Audience.

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