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Arty (artydent) wrote :

I got ninja'd yesterday when I reviewed the code. :-)

As for the "needs positive return on dismantle" condition, I don't have a strong opinion, but I'd prefer to not have it, even though in most circumstances dismantling without return would be useless. My reasons:

1) The condition - even though it makes sense - doesn't really add anything. The game would work fine without it. And regular buildings (and most special builidings in campaigns) have proper return on dismantle amounts anyway, so I wouldn't expect "false" bug reports about this.

2) Not having the condition allows for a little more flavour in missions. Like in emp04. Or maybe there'll be a mission where destroying would come with a fire hazard to neighboring buildings, possibly destroying them, too. (Not sure this is possibly atm, i.e., whether we can detect the difference between dismantling and destroying via mission scripts. Just a general idea.)

3) If the building is not far from a warehouse with a builder available, dismantling without return is even a little faster than destroying. Difference is minor though.

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