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Klaus Halfmann (klaus-halfmann) wrote :

Ahh, the json file is created in thee same dir as the wmf file, e.g.

   "name": "CrossriverA",
   "author": "Hasi50",
   "description": "A nice River flows through this land and water can be found there. Metal in the hills nearby, but you are not alone",
   "hint": "",
   "width": 64,
   "height": 64,
   "nr_players": 2,
   "needs_widelands_version_after": 18,
   "world_name": "",
   "minimap": "/Users/klaus/.widelands/maps/My_Maps/CrossriverA1.wmf.png"

A map saved with the new version

   "name": "27 zu 3 Inseln",
   "author": "Björn alias the-x",
   "description": "Starting with 27 Islands falling together when you find Ways to pass through the rocks to 3 huge Island. Are you unstoppable to manage all 3 Islands under your control? Tipps: Start to find your dream Island real fast and you wont find Iron on your main Island.",
   "hint": "",
   "width": 144,
   "height": 144,
   "nr_players": 4,
   "needs_widelands_version_after": 20,
   "world_name": "",
   "minimap": "/Users/klaus/.widelands/maps/My_Maps/27 zu 3 Inselnx.wmf.png"

Trunk gives me:

Exception: map objects: [../src/logic/map_objects/world/] loading critter:

UnhandledVersionError: This game was saved using an older version of Widelands and cannot be loaded anymore, or it's a new version that can't be handled yet.

Packet Name: Critter
Saved Version: 2
Current Version: 1.


review: Approve (testing)

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