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Klaus Halfmann (klaus-halfmann) wrote :

* Bug #627361: Show available campaigns and missions greyed out
  Fine for me except:

  - after finishing the last available mission widelands should present a message like
  "Thank you for playing all available missions of widelands."

  Mhh, All excpet frisisans show "unimplemened" as last Scenario,
  but it cannto be played.
  how shall I reeach this this?

campaigns.conf is tee scucessor for campvis ?

Bug #1377660: Fullscreen Menu overhaul

  This is a kind of wishlist dating back to 2014 (!)

Bug #1634750: Convert campaigns.conf and tutorials.conf to Lua

  Yep, that it

#1799809: Resize UI when toggling between fullscreen and windows mode

  Metaserver lobby - does not work for me
  Begin Network game - does not work for me
  Map Select - works for me

  which oone did you tackle with this brach?

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