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9. By Nirbheek Chauhan

- Add link to Beagle Webinterface wiki page
- Add Easter eggs. No points for guessing what they are! :P

8. By Nirbheek Chauhan

- classify_hit has been revamped, 4 times faster now. Plus, overall code does more than current svn head, and is still faster :)
- XML is now appended for each Hit as <div id="XML">XMLCONTENT</div>, this work is done by XSL
- Fixed up the xmlhttp initialisation code, it now works everywhere except IE
- Organised some code in hitresult.xsl
- Changed mapping.xml to use CamelCase, somehow that suits XML more ;)
- Minor bug fixed (see mapping.xml:6. I was making a stupid mistake)
- Added the license in all files
- Moved DOMParser to preload when the page loads
- no_results just uses num_hits now instead of maintaining its own flag (what was I thinking?)
- Replaced some innerHTML stuff with textContent

7. By Nirbheek Chauhan

Preliminary user-friendly file timestamp support

6. By Nirbheek Chauhan

Apply this patch to Beagle to use the experimental webinterface. Mount the trunk over the beagled/webinterface directory, apply the patch to beagle and build. Try exporting BEAGLE_WEBSERVER_DIR if it doesn't work, else contact me.

5. By Nirbheek Chauhan

Numerous (incomplete) changes:
- Revamp of Hits processor, it now uses Javascript to classify the Hits and XSL to transform the xml data while reading the mapping from mapping.xml
  ~ Cons:
    * Speed lowered somewhat (~200 ms)
    * Might scale badly, no. of calls increases quickly with hits
  ~ Pros:
    * Asynchronous Hit appending is possible
    * Easy mapping between real and internal categorisation
    * Undefined things go into Others. With xsl, we had to define what all had to go into Others. Which was a pain.
    * Cleaner and more Generic code (the xsl was getting complex)
- The front page is now generated using index.xml+index.xsl. This allows the header and the body to be autogenerated from mapping.xml
- All images have been moved to images/
- default.js:
  ~ General code reorganistion
  ~ Search filtering is remembered now, although its an ugly hack..
  ~ All javascript (including the stuff that was previously in query.html) has been moved to default.js
  ~ Preliminary ordering of show/hide/resetting of various portions of the document via functions

4. By Nirbheek Chauhan

New fancy webbeagle logo :)

3. By Nirbheek Chauhan

Update fixme:alias to fixme:speakingto_alias w.r.t. current Beagle svn trunk

2. By Nirbheek Chauhan

Update TODO to reflect current goals (and test pushing :)

1. By nirbheek <nirbheek@hammers>

Initial Commit.

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