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Henning Eggers (henninge) wrote :

Re: the non-ajax button

I had not made the connection to the form-submitting issue. In that case the button is appropriate, of course, as has been done elsewhere.

Re: Location of the link

I don't think the configurational relation of the daily build option and the availability of the action weighs heavier than the work flow for the user. Requesting an action must result in some visible change for the user but simply the option disappearing is not enough. That's why I think it should be moved to the table which is directly affected by the action. We cannot rely on a "largish size" of the browser window. On my laptop screen the top of the table is barely visible, even using chromium. Also, I just tried it a again and did not see a green flash at all but that might just me playing with the database to set the "stale" flag. ;-)

Re: "stale"

Sorry, I did not mean to put "stale" in the UI that's what I meant by "but worded better".

How about this (I am not sure if I got the wording right, though):

"<icon> There are no pending builds. _Build_now_"

After clicking _Build_now_:

"<icon> Build queued."
"<icon> Build pending"
"<icon> Next build in 10 hours" (if that is possible).

I could even go along with that being done in the old place but I am still not totally happy with mixing static and operational information. Also, it is probably doubling information from the Latest build table? My preference remains to place it on top of the table.

Also, I just noticed something else. Changing "Built daily" to "Built on request" (ajax popup) and back does not hide or show the new link. It takes a page reload to hide/show it. For the story to be complete, this should work in ajax, too.


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