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1b5cf90... by Vladimir Petko


fix changelog

0ab6c7a... by Vladimir Petko


dc9397e... by Vladimir Petko


dfe682f... by Vladimir Petko


4958e3e... by Vladimir Petko

Fix cryptroot-unlock for busybox compatibility.

0c04e8e... by Vladimir Petko

Fix warning and error when running on ZFS on root
      - d/functions: Return an empty devno for ZFS devices as they don't have
        major:minor device numbers.
      - d/initramfs/hooks/cryptroot: Ignore and don't print an error message
        when devices don't have a devno.

6e83dc3... by Vladimir Petko

      + Recommend plymouth.
      + Depend on busybox-initramfs instead of busybox | busybox-static.
      + Move cryptsetup-initramfs back to cryptsetup's Recommends.
      + Do not build cryptsetup-suspend binary package on i386.

78a51ac... by Vladimir Petko

    - Fix cryptroot-* autopkgtests on Ubuntu. (LP: #1983522)
      + debian/tests/utils/mock.pm: return from consume() function if select()
        times out or fails
      + debian/tests/utils/cryptroot-common: fix apt source and kernel package
        names for Ubuntu
      + debian/tests/cryptroot-sysvinit.d: use systemd-sysv init for Ubuntu
        cryptroot-sysvinit package test
      + debian/tests/cryptroot-nested.d: fix cryptsetup-nested test, add
        workaround for LP1831747 by adding a e2fsprogs dependency
      + debian/tests/initramfs-hook: fix test's initramfs layout for Ubuntu and
        allow blowfish test use 64Mb of provisioned space (drop --size)
      + debian/tests/control: disable cryptdisks test

14fac8c... by Vladimir Petko

Fixed FTBFS due to a restricted build environment

3572fd5... by Guilhem Moulin <email address hidden>

2:2.6.1-4 (patches unapplied)

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