Code review comment for lp:~vorlon/ubuntu/saucy/sysvinit/lp.1184006

Colin Watson (cjwatson) wrote :

The general approach more or less makes sense to me, but a few things:

 * Yes, we'll need corresponding changes to the installer; unfortunately
   this is one of the things that's duplicated between d-i and ubiquity,
   so changes need to be in both clock-setup and ubiquity.

 * We'll need to think about upload coordination. You have a version
   guard, but what about the overlap case with a daily build where an
   older installer installs a newer initscripts? That suggests to me
   that you shouldn't write to /etc/init/hwclock.override or
   /etc/init/hwclock-save.override if they already contain UTC settings;
   I think if we changed the installer first to handle either old or
   new, and then changed sysvinit with that refinement, then that would

 * I don't quite understand what "sed -i -e's/^UTC=.*/UTC=yes/'
   /etc/default/rcS" is for. Is that so that dpkg conffile replacement
   works? Would it be better to forcibly remove the option in the
   postinst, instead or perhaps as well? Editing conffiles is of course
   always a bit scary, so I suppose go with whatever approach
   initscripts has historically taken here ...

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