Code review comment for lp:~vlad-lesin/percona-server/5.1-bug1049871-injections-gca

> > - QUOTED_IDENTIFIED macro definition should use the do { ... }
> > while(0) idiom.
> The idea of this macros is to use allocation on stack for string operation.
> That is why that idiom does not suite for the macros.

Ah, correct, sorry. And declaring the var outside the macro, then passing its address will not be optimal due to constructor initialization.

> > Also, it is duplicated three times in the patch.
> IMHO the macros is repeated twice as the whole sql_string.* for client and
> server parts. Logically this macros should be in sql_string.h header. I
> decided it is not a good idea to make new header file just for that macros.

OK, especially given the nature of the patch.

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