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244. By Urjeet Patel on 2012-05-11

* Temporary Fix for RandR panning & scaling don't work (LP:893785)
  - Add temporary PROPOSED upstream patch 999_Fix_xrandr_panning_and_scaling.patch

243. By Chase Douglas on 2012-05-05

* Release buttons when device is disabled on suspend (LP: #968845)
  - Add temporary patch 508_device_off_release_buttons.patch from upstream

242. By Chase Douglas on 2012-04-19

[ Bryce Harrington ]
* Enable 227_null_ptr_midispcur.patch to apply

[ Chase Douglas ]
* Update to xserver 1.12.1 for the input stack
* Drop patches merged upstream in 1.12.1:
  - 501_touch_accept_end.patch
  - 502_indirect_touch_window_set.patch
  - 503_fix_mouse_warp.patch
  - 504_implement_passive_touch_ungrab.patch
* Fix patch 506_touchscreen_pointer_emulation_checks.patch after upstream
* Fix various touchscreen issues (LP: #974887)
  - Add temporary patch 506_touchscreen_fixes.patch, which is a combination of
    multiple upstream patches

241. By Chase Douglas on 2012-04-04

* Fix touchscreen pointer emulation (LP: #949791)
  - Add temporary patch 506_touchscreen_pointer_emulation_checks.patch

240. By Chase Douglas on 2012-04-03

* Report button press when touchscreen touch is active (LP: #972985)
  - Add temporary patch 505_query_pointer_touchscreen.patch
  - Fixes some compiz/unity touchscreen issues

239. By Chase Douglas on 2012-03-29

[ Chase Douglas ]
* Fix crash at startup due to input option abi break (LP: #931397)
  - Revert two commits from upstream 1.12 input stack

[ Bryce Harrington ]
* debian/patches/227_null_ptr_midispcur.patch:
  - Check for NULL pointer before dereferencing pointer from
    miGetDCDevice. Fixes crash after connecting a bluetooth keyboard.
    (LP: #930936)

[ Chase Douglas ]
* Fix mouse warping and clipping (LP: #948938)
  - Add temporary patch 503_fix_mouse_warp.patch
* Implement passive touch ungrab (LP: #968726)
  - Add temporary patch 503_implement_passive_touch_ungrab.patch
* Bump lintian standards to 3.9.3

238. By Ricardo Salveti on 2012-03-20

* debian/patches/111_armel-drv-fallbacks.patch:
  - Avoid loading the driver to test if it's available. Xorg will later load
    and validate the module, and if it's already loaded it'll trigger an
    error and invalidate the driver (LP: #959928)

237. By Chris Halse Rogers on 2012-03-09

* debian/patches/500_pointer_barrier_thresholds.diff:
  - Don't try to send events from the context of the SIGIO handler. That
    leads to the dark side, or at least to server freezes when trying to
    reveal the launcher in Unity (LP: #946954). May also fix other seemingly
    random X server crashes.
  - Add build-time tests to make check for barrier behaviour. These are
    disabled, pending gtest, xorg-gtest, and xserver-xorg-video-dummy MIRs.

236. By Chase Douglas on 2012-03-07

* Update to 1.12 input stack
* Drop input patches that have been merged upstream:
  - 600-Revert-dix-deduplicate-callers-of-DeliverDeviceEvent.patch
  - 601-Store-window-pointer-in-touch-listener-record.patch
  - 602-Factor-out-TouchEnd-generation-and-delivery.patch
  - 603-Export-TouchEventRejected-as-TouchRejected.patch
  - 604-Move-AllowTouch-to-dix-touch.c-and-rename-to-TouchAc.patch
  - 605-Check-for-proper-window-ID-when-processing-touch-all.patch
  - 606-Implement-early-touch-reject.patch
  - 607-Implement-touch-early-accept.patch
  - 608-dix-fix-an-out-of-memory-crash.patch
  - 609-Xi-handle-new-XIAllowEvents-request-in-inputproto-2..patch
  - 610-Fix-scrolling.patch
  - 611-Fix-touch-punt-crash.patch
  - 612-Fix-vcp-touches-corruption.patch
  - 613-Keep-vcp-touch-class.patch
* Fix indirect touch grab handling (LP: #929408)
  - Add temporary patch 501_touch_accept_end.patch
  - Add temporary patch 502_indirect_touch_window_set.patch

235. By Chris Halse Rogers on 2012-02-21

* debian/patches/500_pointer_barrier_thresholds.diff:
  - Make the velocity calculation more robust on screen edges. Fixes reveal
    behaviour on nVidia 295.20 driver, which now clamps the pointer to the
    visible screen area. (LP: #937792)

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