Code review comment for lp:~vila/bzr/948339-config-caching

Martin Packman (gz) wrote :

> So dropping the IO reduction for compatibility sake ? I say no. Some
> migrations will be harder than others but well, they'll have to happen, so the
> sooner the better.
> > though the added reasoning is nice. Ideally, it would live
> > not here but somewhere that people trying to use config and running into
> > problems might actually find.
> Should I refer to these tests in doc/developers/configuration.txt then ?

Not the tests, but something that would have helped Aaron when he was wondering why the things these tests exercise don't work would be good. A general migration thing with warnings about the pitfalls would be nice, currently that doc just lists some some ai changes without further advice.

> Ok. I'll add a comment to better explain why it's important that
> MutableSection should stay unique to be truly shared in the __init__ method
> then, would that have helped ?

Maybe a little, my issue was mostly that I'm not familiar with what the code is doing.

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