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A simplified process for alpha releases

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I think this summarizes the discussion around 3.0aN releases

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Martin Packman (gz) wrote :

I'm not sure the announcing the source freeze bit is relevant, change look fine though.

review: Approve
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Vincent Ladeuil (vila) wrote :

source freeze bit was modified to remove the mailing list that doesn't exist, it's not related to alpha releases, just feedback from previous MP

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A simplified process for alpha releases

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1=== modified file 'doc/developers/releasing.txt'
2--- doc/developers/releasing.txt 2018-09-14 09:31:24 +0000
3+++ doc/developers/releasing.txt 2018-09-15 13:29:38 +0000
4@@ -163,6 +163,31 @@
5 Doing a particular release
6 ==========================
8+alpha releases
11+3.0.0 will start to be released as alpha as integrating plugins and porting
12+to python3 (while maintaining python2 compatiblity) desserve to be testing
13+in the wild by people understanding the risks.
15+That being said, the whole test suite has been preserved and enriched in the
18+Alpha releases will happen as source only (tarballs) and the process is
21+Note that the intent is to come back to beta releases as soon as possible so
22+the alpha releases won't happen again.
24+The process for releasing an alpha release is therefore:
25+- upload a tarball to launchpad,
26+- upload a tarball to pypi,
27+- mail,
28+- post an annoucement on the home page.
30+Uploading tarballs are described below, just use alpha versions (3, 0, 0,
31+'alpha', 1) in ``./breezy/``
33 Update the source code
34 ----------------------
36@@ -460,10 +485,9 @@
37 Announcing the source freeze
38 ----------------------------
40-#. Post to the ```` and
41- ```` lists, saying that the source has
42- been frozen. Be extra clear that this is only a *source* release targeted
43- at packagers and installer builders (see
44+#. Post to the ```` list, saying that the source
45+ has been frozen. Be extra clear that this is only a *source* release
46+ targeted at packagers and installer builders (see
47 <>). This is the cue for
48 platform maintainers and plugin authors to update their code. This is
49 done before the general public announcement of the release.


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