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91767ab... by JB VideoLAN

Update NEWS to mention EoL

c269e32... by JB VideoLAN

NEWS: fix typos

e8b5b39... by Francois Cartegnie

codec: substx3g: fix build

4473401... by Francois Cartegnie

codec: substx3g: fix oob read

a38f6756ed57188ca1ed7def63ee7672412316bd backport

a562fe8... by JB VideoLAN

Welcome to 2018!

437d9b0... by Francois Cartegnie

demux: ogg: no pts for non xiph video codecs (fix #19271)

(cherry picked from commit 684c0f8ec1fc223d3f04aeed246b9e8d8782e644)

7bbbc23... by Francois Cartegnie

demux: ogg: fix dirac handling

(cherry picked from commit 824556bd31ca5f501e7362908eed2815b5526800)

c073f11... by Francois Cartegnie

demux: ogg: move tarkin hack

(cherry picked from commit 62f87239559b1641f3deb0da3682ac0cc1d59aca)

57f9303... by =?utf-8?q?Micha=C5=82_Trzebiatowski?= <email address hidden>

l10n: Dutch update Dutch translation update for 2.2.x send per request from Thomas De Rocker (dutch translator)

Signed-off-by: Jean-Baptiste Kempf <email address hidden>

8d62188... by Francois Cartegnie

demux: avi: check stride width

6298967bf63cccbdc290a78c53dc97df69bd3d71 backport