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b048d34... by Alberto Donato on 2019-03-21

backport 8fc9d82add291f71cbe889915f2aa2f55030340f - drop the experimental notice from the --enable-candid option

106c000... by Andres Rodriguez on 2019-03-21

Backport 863797779 - LP: #1792965 - Clean dhcp run dir on purge

e17335c... by Newell Jensen on 2019-03-12

backport of 702ca086107ae7a5693b20830c25e1ac8ba77eab

LP: #1819018 -- Handle the case when we are unable to find a Virsh storage pool while discovering a new Pod.

2778f21... by Newell Jensen on 2019-03-08

backport of cc6dd05b1f491f83892e300e6fba07161bbf19ae

LP: #1806862 -- Surface tags in the controller websocket handler.

e4ecbd5... by Alberto Donato on 2019-03-05

backport 99acf449a - LP: #1817484 - add keepalive for Postgres connections and connect/disconnect events for the listener

3f9a741... by Björn Tillenius on 2019-03-05

Backport e19c69f8c and 5ad8283cd.

LP #1818132: Upgrading fails 0182_remove_duplicate_null_ips migration

All the staticipaddress foreign key constraints are now taking into

LP #1817305: Remove duplicate null ip records for the same interface and subnet Edit

This cleans up the data mostly, so that we don't have 10s of thousands
redundant records in the database slowing things down.

This patch doesn't handle the case where there are multiple interfaces
sharing the same ip address records, but only a few redundant records
should remain, so they won't affect performance.

915438a... by Newell Jensen on 2019-03-01

Revert "backport of c2f9649da038a217caf91a96435e67a980cd0fed"

This reverts commit 1fd1b583a5b7ebb4faca81bbcb7ab57c728105ba.

2e37ab5... by Blake Rouse on 2019-02-27

Fixes LP: #1815091 - Unable to clear the nodes storage configuration when a virtual block device exists on top of another virtual block device.

Backport of 5fcf2bf0a46767b2aab9d76603768818464251f7.

67eeba1... by Björn Tillenius on 2019-02-26

Backport b5e689600c988b86171458939465616075142f36.

LP #1817056: StaticIPAddress records with NULL ip keeps adding up
When the update_lease() RCP method gets called for an expired
lease, it adds a null IP record so that the interface stays linked to
the subnet. It didn't re-use existing such records, though.

1fd1b58... by Newell Jensen on 2019-02-22

backport of c2f9649da038a217caf91a96435e67a980cd0fed

Ephemeral Deployment -- Adds capability to be able to deploy machines ephmerally if they have no disks.