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14. By Vibhav Pant on 2013-03-01

Updated maintainer field

13. By Vibhav Pant on 2013-03-01

Add XS-Testsuite to debian/control

12. By Vibhav Pant on 2013-03-01

Remove xor.data

11. By Vibhav Pant on 2013-03-01

Add simple autopkgtest to package.

10. By Christian Kastner on 2011-08-11

* debian/control:
  - Build-Depend on swig (>= 2.0.4-2) instead of swig2.0; the former has now
    taken over the /usr/bin/swig symlink. Closes: #634430

9. By Christian Kastner on 2011-06-11

* debian/rules:
  - Convert debian/rules to regular syntax. By providing custom build-arch
    and build-indep targets, we can avoid a FTBFS. Closes: #630100
  - Honor compiler flags provided by dpkg-buildflags

8. By Christian Kastner on 2011-06-10

* debian/rules
  - Moved the examples and related data to the from the libfann-dev and
    python-pyfann to the libfann-doc package. lintian was rightfully
    complaining about them being in arch: any package.
* debian/control:
  - Now that the examples have moved, it is sufficient for libfann-dev to
    only Suggest libfann-doc
  - libfann-doc now Recommends libfann-dev, python-pyfann (so the examples
    can be used)
  - python-pyfann Suggests libfann-doc
  - Updated package descriptions
* debian/example-paths.sed:
  - Simplified, by using extended regular expressions
* debian/patches added:
  - 0006-Include-fann_cpp.h-in-dev-package.patch
    This was deliberately omitted in the past due to some ambiguity regarding
    its support status. Upstream homepage says it's OK though, so we'll just
    include it. Closes: #629827

7. By Christian Kastner on 2011-06-01

[ Christian Kastner ]
* debian/control:
  - Build-Depend on swig2.0 (>= 2.0.3), the earliest swig2.0 version
    providing /usr/bin/swig

[ Yaroslav Halchenko ]
* debian/control:
  - Added DM-Upload-Allowed

6. By Christian Kastner on 2011-05-09

* debian/control:
  - Build-Depend on swig2.0 instead of swig; fixes FTBFS with gcc-4.6.
    Closes: #625123, LP: #770839

5. By Christian Kastner on 2011-04-02

* debian/control:
  - Bumped Standards-Version to 3.9.2 (changes required)
  - Updated Homepage (new location)
* debian/rules:
  - In libtool *.la files, set dependency_libs to null string as required by
    Policy section 10.2. Closes: #621572
* debian/copyright:
  - Updated DEP5 format to r173
  - Updated DEP5 keyword for BSD-3-clause license
 * debian/watch:
  - uversionmangle release qualifier (here: beta) instead of dversionmangle
* debian/patches added:
  - 0005-Correct-a-typo-in-a-size-comparison
    Fixes a typo in the python wrapper. LP: #712290

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