Code review comment for lp:~verzegnassi-stefano/ubuntu-docviewer-app/advanced-text-editor

Ideally, we may want to keep the selection mode/buttons: although the content is read-only, it should anyway be possible to copy a part of the text.

We should see if it's better to make some of the buttons (paste, copy, undo, redo) not visible, rather than simply disable them (but keep them still visible).

About the read-only mode, we should find out a way to provide some feedback to the user.
Since the new component looks like a text editor (and in future it will probably be), it may be useful to inform the user that the document is not editable.

A simple way to archieve this may be:
Anyway I feel it's better to ask to the UX team, in order to have an organic, well-designed thing.

About the performance of the new component with huge text files, I saw that there are a few bottleneck that should be fixed before to have this branch merged.
The most relevant are:
    - Binding from the FileReader output to the textProperty of the TextEdit
    - Generation of line numbers (expecially when resizing the application window)

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