Code review comment for lp:~verzegnassi-stefano/ubuntu-docviewer-app/advanced-text-editor

I'll answer point by point:

1) Yes, that happens also with the current code.
The issue is not about the reading of the file (which happens asynchronously although it's not really a time-waster process), but the issue is due to the filling of the text in the TextEdit component, which happens in the main threads (I don't know if the in GUI one, or the other).

I will have a look if it's possible to work around it, by using a Loader component.
Since the issue lives in an upstream component (TextEdit is provided by the Qt library), it may become very hard to fix.

2) I had hard times in order to reproduce it. Sure, it needs some fix!

3) Do we want to save them? As far as I remember, we discussed about it during some meeting and we decided to provide just a viewer.
I think we should provide the documents in a read-only mode, but eventually still allow to copy/paste text (which we said it's broken in the platform).

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