Merge lp:~verterok/unity-scope-openweathermap/master-scope-update into lp:unity-scope-openweathermap

Proposed by Guillermo Gonzalez
Status: Merged
Approved by: Guillermo Gonzalez
Approved revision: 33
Merged at revision: 33
Proposed branch: lp:~verterok/unity-scope-openweathermap/master-scope-update
Merge into: lp:unity-scope-openweathermap
Diff against target: 13 lines (+2/-1)
1 file modified
data/ (+2/-1)
To merge this branch: bzr merge lp:~verterok/unity-scope-openweathermap/master-scope-update
Reviewer Review Type Date Requested Status
David Callé Approve
PS Jenkins bot (community) continuous-integration Approve
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Commit message

Change master from info to weather

Description of the change

change master from info to weather

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review: Approve

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1=== modified file 'data/'
2--- data/ 2013-07-08 07:47:51 +0000
3+++ data/ 2013-08-23 12:27:27 +0000
4@@ -9,7 +9,8 @@
5 Module=openweathermap.unity_openweathermap_daemon
6 ModuleType=python3
7 RemoteContent=true
11 _Name=OpenWeatherMap
12 _Description=This is an Ubuntu search plugin that enables weather forecasts from OpenWeatherMap to be searched and displayed in the Dash underneath the Info header. If you do not wish to search this content source, you can disable this search plugin.
13 _SearchHint=Search OpenWeatherMap


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