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Recent revisions

117998. By <email address hidden>

Unreviewed: Re-enable LLINT on Qt/Linux after r131932.

* wtf/Platform.h:

117997. By <email address hidden>

[Qt] Fix build without QtWidgets

Reviewed by Tor Arne Vestbø.


Remove dependency to QtWidgets that is not needed here anymore since
the removal of the QtQuick1 code.

* declarative/experimental/experimental.pri:
* declarative/public.pri:


Make it possible to compile WebProcess without QtWidgets by instantiating a
QGuiApplication instead of a QApplication if we're built without widgets.

* WebProcess.pro:
* qt/MainQt.cpp:

117996. By <email address hidden>

Unreviewed. Fix compilation after r132059.

* TestWebKitAPI/Tests/WTF/MemoryInstrumentationTest.cpp:

117995. By <email address hidden>

[EFL][WK2] Skip plugins/npruntime/remove-property.html

Unreviewed EFL gardening.

Skip plugins/npruntime/remove-property.html which started
failing after r131990.

Patch by Christophe Dumez <email address hidden> on 2012-10-22

* platform/efl-wk2/TestExpectations:

117994. By <email address hidden>

[EFL] pc files should use DATA_INSTALL_DIR for datadir

Patch by Ryuan Choi <email address hidden> on 2012-10-22
Reviewed by Gyuyoung Kim.


* ewebkit.pc.in: Used DATA_INSTALL_DIR instead of hardcoded `shared/XXX`


* ewebkit.pc.in: Fixed wrong datadir

117993. By <email address hidden>

Adding Cairo and Harfbuzz watchlist entries

Unreviewed watchlist update.

Added myself to these new ones and SVG.

* Scripts/webkitpy/common/config/watchlist:

117992. By <email address hidden>

Change the path of the include files in the text decoration test cases.

Patch by Dongwoo Joshua Im <email address hidden> on 2012-10-22
Reviewed by Gyuyoung Kim.

The include path is differentiated by http://trac.webkit.org/changeset/132043

* fast/css3-text/css3-text-decoration/getComputedStyle/getComputedStyle-text-decoration-line.html:
* fast/css3-text/css3-text-decoration/getComputedStyle/getComputedStyle-text-decoration-style.html:
* fast/css3-text/css3-text-decoration/repaint/repaint-text-decoration-line.html:

117991. By <email address hidden>

Remove monthFormatInLDML

Reviewed by Kent Tamura.


* chromium/public/WebLocalizedString.h:


Removing monthFormatInLDML from localized strings because Localizer class now provides the same functionality.

No new tests. Just removing unused code.

* platform/LocalizedStrings.h:


* src/LocalizedStrings.cpp:

117990. By <email address hidden>

Web Inspector: do not double count memory of objects with multiple ancestors

Reviewed by Alexander Pavlov.


Make sure memory occupied by objects of classes with multiple inheritance is
not double counted.

* wtf/MemoryInstrumentation.h:
(WTF::MemoryObjectInfo::reportObjectInfo): 1) Store actual pointer to the instrumented
object as it may differ from the original pointer by which it was reported. 2) Make
the method non-template and calculate object size on the caller side.
(WTF::MemoryInstrumentation::InstrumentedPointer::process): use adjusted pointer
returned by reportMemoryUsage to check if the object has already been visited when
the pointer differs from the orinal one(it may happen if the object was reported
by a pointer to one of its base classes).


* TestWebKitAPI/Tests/WTF/MemoryInstrumentationTest.cpp: Test that there
is no double counting in case of multiple inheritance.

117989. By Zan Dobersek

[GTK] Enable Microdata DOM API

Reviewed by Martin Robinson.


Enable the Microdata DOM API, but still disable it when the unstable
features should be disabled (for instance in release builds).

No new tests - related tests are being unskipped and are expected to pass.

* GNUmakefile.am:
* GNUmakefile.features.am:
* bindings/gobject/GNUmakefile.am: Add the required files so the Microdata
API GObject bindings are generated and built.


Unskip the Microdata tests, they all pass now that the feature has been enabled.

* platform/gtk/TestExpectations:

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