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Recent revisions

2096. By carlosg

2009-04-07 Carlos Garnacho <email address hidden>

        * src/tracker-indexer.c (index_flushing_notify_cb): Do not try to
        enter into finished state after flushing in the cleanup task, since it
        closes the indexes.

2095. By mr

 * src/tracker-extract/tracker-main.c: (main): Make sure we send
 the thumbnailer queue to the thumbnailer daemon when we shutdown
 after 30 seconds of inactivity in the extractor.

2094. By mr

 * src/trackerd/tracker-main.c:
 * src/trackerd/tracker-status.c: Only set nice() to 19 when
 crawling the file system, for all other times, we use the value as
 set when the process is started (which is controlled by outside
 influence of course).

2093. By mr

 * src/libtracker-common/tracker-thumbnailer.h:
 * src/libtracker-common/tracker-albumart.h: Added preprocessor
 checks for __LIBTRACKER_COMMON_INSIDE__ which were missing.

 * src/libtracker-common/tracker-albumart.[ch]:
 * src/tracker-extract/tracker-extract-mp3.c: Fixed coding style

 * src/libtracker-common/tracker-albumart.[ch]:
 * src/tracker-extract/tracker-extract-albumart.c:
 * src/tracker-extract/tracker-main.[ch]: Only create one
 TrackerHal object during the life time of tracker-extract instead
 of for EVERY file which has album art (which is quite a lot). This
 seems to be showing an increase of 2x the speed now for

 * src/tracker-indexer/tracker-main.c: (main): Added print
 statement like we have in the daemon so we know when the process
 is finished and returning to the cmd line.

 * tests/tracker-extract/tracker-extract-test-utils.c:
 (tracker_test_extract_file_access): Added tracker_main_get_hal()
 fixes to ensure the tests build.

2092. By carlosg

2009-04-07 Carlos Garnacho <email address hidden>

        Propagate index errors up to the GUI, so the user has the opportunity
        to trigger a reindex.

        * src/libtracker-db/tracker-db-index.[ch]: Add an "error-received"
        signal. Emit it when QDBM fails to store a word.

        * data/dbus/tracker-indexer.xml:
        * src/tracker-indexer/tracker-marshal.list:
        * src/tracker-indexer/tracker-indexer.[ch]: Add an "IndexingError"
        DBus signal. Propagate up index errors.

        * data/dbus/tracker-daemon.xml:
        * src/trackerd/tracker-dbus.c:
        * src/trackerd/tracker-daemon.c:
        * src/trackerd/tracker-marshal.list: Add an "IndexingError" signal.
        Listen to that signal from the indexer in order to propagate it up the

        src/tracker-applet/tracker-applet.[ch]: Listen for the new signal, and
        display an error notification with an option to reindex from scratch.

2091. By mottela

Load the extractors as modules for tests instead of directly linking

2090. By carlosg

2009-04-06 Carlos Garnacho <email address hidden>

        * src/tracker-applet/tracker-marshal.list:
        * src/tracker-applet/tracker-applet.c: Generate the right marshaller
        for the IndexStateChange signal.

2089. By carlosg

2009-04-06 Carlos Garnacho <email address hidden>

        * src/tracker-applet/tracker-applet-marshallers.[ch]: Do not keep
        generated code.
        * src/tracker-applet/tracker-marshal.list:
        * src/tracker-applet/tracker-marshal-main.c:
        * src/tracker-applet/Makefile.am: Instead use the right tools.
        * src/tracker-applet/tracker-applet.c: Adapt to name changes.

2088. By mr

 * src/tracker-extract/tracker-main.c:
 * src/tracker-indexer/tracker-main.c:
 * src/trackerd/tracker-main.c: Use #ifdef __linux__ before
 including /usr/include/linux/ files. Fixes bug #577656 (Jasper
 Lievisse Adriaanse).

2087. By mr

 * src/libtracker-common/tracker-os-dependant-unix.c:
 (tracker_memory_setrlimits): Disabled by default to stop us
 getting SIGSEGV just because we reach the memory limits (which are
 small), instead we shouldn't be crashing, we should be
 investigating said issues. This should fix several launchpad
 issues that were reported since 0.6.91.

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