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This branch is defunct as Tellico development has moved from the Novell Forge SVN server to the KDE SVN server.

Recent revisions

2116. By umohost on 2009-03-04

Fixed VERSION revision

2115. By umohost on 2009-03-04

Fixed parsing issues (various RegExp issues due to allocine's HTML changes)
Version bumped to 0.6

2114. By pdamsten on 2009-02-26

if groups_ is empty just return. qt 4.5 has assert for first<=last

2113. By pdamsten on 2009-02-26


2112. By robby on 2009-02-16

Style differences

2111. By robby on 2009-02-16

clean up some cmake files

2110. By robby on 2009-02-16

webcam support compiles, not sure if it works

2109. By robby on 2009-02-16


2108. By robby on 2009-02-16

whoops, didn't mean to commit those last model changes

2107. By robby on 2009-02-16

until I get this compiling, disable webcam support by default again

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