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Recent revisions

1124. By rgommers on 2011-03-09

DOC: merge edits to scipy.interpolate. Closes #1397.

1123. By ptvirtan on 2011-03-07

DOC: fix unclear scipy.interpolate.interp2d documentation

1122. By warren.weckesser on 2011-03-06

DOC: integrate: fixed description of shape of the return value of odeint (ticket #1403).

1121. By rgommers on 2011-03-01

DOC: add fisher_exact to stats.rst and correct spelling of "oddsratio".

1120. By rgommers on 2011-02-28

DOC: update 0.9.0 release notes from 0.9.x branch, and fix reST error in 0.10.0 notes.

1119. By rgommers on 2011-02-27

ENH: do not make backup copies when running 2to3.

Backups are not used and were being included in installers by default.

Thanks to Christoph Gohlke for the patch.

1118. By rgommers on 2011-02-27

DOC: BUG: Correct formulas in spatial.distance. Closes #1391.

1117. By rgommers on 2011-02-21

BUG: fix weave.catalog error on Windows Vista.

Thanks to Christoph Gohlke.

1116. By ptvirtan on 2011-02-20

BUG: sparse/arpack: raise correct exception if WHICH parameter wrong

Thanks to Fabian Pedregosa for the patch.

1115. By ptvirtan on 2011-02-20

DOC: interpolate: note that for 1D data, input points must be sorted

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