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41. By exarkun

Merge pyflakes-ast-3005

Author: gbrandl, exarkun
Reviewer: exarkun
Fixes: #3005

Convert pyflakes to use the Python 2.5+ _ast module instead of
the older (now essentially unmaintained) compiler package.

Introduce a number of new tests for various edge cases previously
untested, as well, since this involved changing substantial chunks
of pyflakes internals.

Also add support for certain new constructs which will be added
in Python 2.7, including set comprehensions and dict comprehensions.

Because Python 2.4 does not include the _ast module, this change
effectively drops support for running Pyflakes using Python 2.4.

40. By exarkun

Merge pyflakes-class-name-binding-2999

Author: exarkun
Reviewer: jesstess, mithrandi
Fixes: #2999

Fix a bug in the checker's handling of class names which caused
a class's own binding to be considered valid within the definition
of the class itself.

Now the binding is only valid after the class definition.

39. By exarkun

Merge release-20091125

Fixes: #2991

Update version numbers, news files, and setup.py files for this round of releases.

38. By jonathanj

Apply 0001-pyflakes-should-not-warn-about-__path__-inside-__ini.patch.

Author: mgedmin
Reviewer: jonathanj
Fixes: #2916

Correct Pyflakes warning about "__path__" being undefined in __init__.py.

37. By exarkun

Merge pyflakes-redefined-by-subclass-2171

Author: exarkun
Reviewer: glyph
Fixes: #2171

Correct Pyflakes' checking of newly defined class names and the base names used
in their definition. Previously these were checked in the wrong order relative to
each other, resulting in some spurious warnings and some warnings being omitted.

36. By exarkun

Merge pyflakes-decoding-2.4-2902

Author: exarkun
Reviewer: glyph
Fixes: #2902

Handle the `MemoryError` Python 2.4 raises when compiling a string which cannot
be decoded according to its declared encoding.

35. By exarkun

Merge pyflakes-all-2826

Author: exarkun
Reviewer: jonathanj, glyph
Fixes: #2826

Add support to Pyflakes for considering `__all__` when deciding what names
to report as unused or undefined.

34. By exarkun

Merge pyflakes-with-attrs-2904

Author: exarkun
Reviewer: jml
Fixes: #2904

Fix the handling of the `with` statement so that all valid targets are
handled, not just destructuring tuples and names.

33. By exarkun

Merge pyflakes-subpackages-1826

Author: exarkun
Reviewer: jonathanj
Fixes: #1826

Enhance Pyflakes' handling of importing of dotted names so that redundant
warnings are not reported spuriously.

32. By exarkun

Merge pyflakes-encoding-problem-2842-2

Author: chaica, exarkun
Reviewer: radix
Fixes: #2842

Handle errors in the encoding of a source file.

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