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Recent revisions

38. By eric.talevich

Rename odf.py to odfmeta.py to avoid conflict with the library of the same name.

37. By eric.talevich

odftables: started a script for extracting and converting tables to/from odf, csv, sql

36. By eric.talevich

Subclassed components to base class Component; some reorganization and method renaming; foo.tostring() does the right thing

35. By eric.talevich

odf.py: Added echo() for unicode printing to stderr (simplifies warnings in main()); investigated use of encodings

34. By eric.talevich

Cut redundant component methods out of document.py

33. By eric.talevich

Start a class for each of the 5 XML-based document components, throw the files for components into a new subdirectory, chew up everything and make it ugly. HTML export is broken and I don't like the command-line options.

32. By eric.talevich

Replaced minidom with ElementTree for navigating the Document object.

31. By eric.talevich

setup.py: removed the "scripts" line -- this module doesn't really work like that.

This is the version of setup.py used to generate the v0.1.0 installers.

30. By eric.talevich

 - README.txt -- extracted from massive docstring in odf.py
 - setup.py -- for packaging

 - Moved most documentation to README.txt and out of odf.py; brushed up some docstrings
 - Moved functions out of document.py that aren't needed by that module (and into odf.py, where they are used)

 - Fix the damn unit tests for HTML

29. By eric.talevich

Added indentation settings for Vim to Python source files

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